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Grading the Game

Washington didn't play well tonight and it was by far the worst game of the Sark era. This is a team that is capable of beating and losing to anyone. As the season goes on they now look more capable of losing rather than winning. The Huskies have played eight games in a row and the bye week probably came a week to late to save this one.

Fans need to put this game in perspective. This is a very good Oregon team that is very capable of beating USC next week in Autzen. They had a week off and the rest helped more than it hurt. Oregon came into this game a lot fresher than Washington. That freshness was one of the deciding factors in the game.

Washington has four games left this season and I am pretty sure that they can beat UCLA and WSU. OSU in Corvallis may be asking a little too much but the bye week may be just the tonic this team needs right now in preparing for their next opponent. Hopefully the finale against Cal will be for bowl eligibility.


If you glance at the stats you might think that Jake had a serviceable game. The interceptions were killers and the decision making just wasn't there today. Jake was off target today. He was throwing too high again. One thing that was really interesting was his hesitancy to run. He could have scored a TD in the first half from close range but just ended up throwing it away. On a two point conversion it seemed he got confused, hesitated, and was snowed under by the rush. This wasn't vintage Jake and you have to wonder if he was injured in some way early in the game. He certainly played like it. He only ran three times for nine yards today. Give credit to the Oregon defense for sealing off the ends and applying pressure all day but Jake wasn't himself.

Grade C minus

Running Backs

Chris Polk picked up 100 yards against an Oregon defense which has been stifling against the run so far this season. Chris continues to show he can pick up tough yards by carrying players with him but he also showed some flash breaking a long one. What Washington isn't doing very well right now is running the ball inside the ten yard line. You have to wonder why Sark isn't using Paul Homer tha tmuch in goal line situations. Why go with one back when you can hand the ball to Homer or have him lead for Polk? Bronson played more today but you have to question his presence at the goal line where he was stuffed twice. Johri Fogerson is starting to dissapear.

Grade B

Wide Receiver

Devon Aguilar continues to have good perfomances every week. Jermaine Kearse continues to make clutch plays. James Johnson is still steady but he is making some frosh mistakes like not running his routes past the first down marker. Kavario had three catches for short gains. Uw didn't stretch the field today and you have to wonder why they didn't challenge the patchwork Oregon secondary deep.

Grade B

Offensive Line

Jake was sacked 4 times and rushed for a negative 16 yards. Not your average type of Jake Locker day was it? The offensive line had a lot to do with it even though the Huskies put up some decent numbers at times in between the 20's. Oregon's speed was way too much for these guys to handle.

Grade D

Defensive Line

These guys played pretty well in the first half but fell apart in the third quarter and that was really the big difference in the game. The Ducks rushed for 259 yards and it was pretty obvious that Ta'amu was running on fumes after playing pretty well in the first half. Fatiugue seemed to be a big factor. Oregon throws a lot of things at you and wears you down. In the second half Oregon could do pretty much whatever they wanted. The holes in the middle looked like Moses parting the Red Sea at times.

Grade C


These guys spent a lot of the night out of position and getting blocked. The speed of Oregon neutralized one of Washington's strength's. Take a look at the TE numbers for Oregon. These guys were responsible for that. They didn't fill in very well against the run either. EJ broke his thumb today. No telling how many fractures he is currently playing with right now.

Grade C minus

Defensive Backs

I thought Nate Fellner looked pretty good out there in his debut as a starter. Number 29 was around the ball all night. He still made mistakes and was overhwlemed by blockers at times. Asking three freshmen and a banged up Nate Williams to take on a team like Oregon is a pretty tall order. Lots of potential back here but the lack of depth and experience is hurting them.

Grade C plus

Special Teams

A blocked punt in the second quarter was converted into seven points by Oregon. A two point conversion on a fake by Nate Costa. A big first down on another fake FG by Costa that led to a TD. The Huskies aren't returning the ball well and they are also picking up too many holding calls which negate the better returns they do have.

Grade F


Sark's decision to go for it again on a fourth down at the goal line will be questioned again this week. Last week he was outcoached in the last two minutes and this week Chip Kelly outcoached him and his staff most of the game. special teams were a disaster. Every week it seems to get worse. The play calling makes you scratch your head. It doesn't seem like he is using Locker in a way that suits his talents the best. The Huskies gave up a season high 43 points and over 250 yards on the ground. The third quarter was a disaster. Washington came out flat to start the second half and you have to point your fingers at the coaches because it is becoming a trend.

Grade D