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Zags turn down Washington

It was reported by KJR's Dave Mahler Wednesday that the University of Washington has proposed renewing its annual series with Gonzaga. UW's proposal calls for a three-year contract stipulating that all the games would be played in Seattle's KeyArena.

It didn't take long for Gonzaga's Mark Few to reply through Sports Illustrated's Seth Davis.

"The chances of that happening are about the same as Big Foot having my baby," Few said. "That's like me saying, Gonzaga proposes a five-year deal at Spokane Arena. There, I just made a proposal. That's as logical as this deal would be."

"The series should start in Spokane because Washington canceled the series," Few said. "If they want to do a home-and-home, that's fine. If they don't, let's all move on. We have some incredible home-and-home deals right now with Wake [Forest], Michigan State and Xavier. We're doing a deal with Oklahoma. We have plenty of games, so it's not that important for us to play Washington."

"When they pulled out, I was totally, unequivocally cool with it. Scheduling is hard," Few said. "We've been down this road many times before. This decision will be made between myself, Lorenzo and the two athletic directors. It won't get done through the media."

I found this one amusing from the start. Washington fires a volley over the Gonzaga bow so they can look like they are appeasing the fans that would like to see the series resume. They make an offer that only Gonzaga can refuse and walk away looking like they are the good guys.

The point is there are really no good guys in this one. Washington cancelled the series for a number of reasons. First of all they kept losing to Gonzaga, second of all there was the long simmering feud between Romar and Few concerning the Cameron Dollar incident. We all know Cameron did wrong but we also know he was doing a lot of the same things other assistants including Gonzaga's were also doing. When Few filed a report with the NCAA the only name on it was Dollar who is now coach at Seattle University.

Don't expect Seattle University to get a game with their Jesuit rival either unless they end up joining the WCC again. Gonaga of course doesn't want Seattle U. in the WCC no matter who the coach is. The Zags weren't at all receptive to Seattle U's application.

Keep an eye on this one...these guys don't like each other and now it is 2-1 in state against Few...Oh I forgot to mention Ken Bone over at WSU...3-1.