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College Game Day

Arkansas is up 7-0 over #1 Florida late in the second quarter. Arkansas up 10-3 in the third quarter. 13-13 with 11:49 left. If Arkansas hadn't have been as turnover prone they would be winning right not going away. The Razorbacks are up 20-13 midway through the fourth quarter but Florida is driving in the red zone. 20-20 with 6:38 left. Florida driving at the Arkansas 28 with a minute left in the game. Florida attempts a FG with 13 seconds left and it is good. Florida 23-20.

Texas Tech is pounding Nebraska 21-0 in the first half.

Texas beat Oklahoma 16-13. Sam Bradford left the game with an injury.

Purdue upset Ohio State 26-18. That one throws the race in the Big 10 into a frenzy. Iowa which beat Wisconsin 20-10 is now 7-0.

California is out to a 21-14 lead over UCLA in the first half. The Bears scored first when Shane Vereen picked up 42 yards and a TD. Lightning struck again when Kevin Riley completed a pass to Marvin Jones for 43 yards for a TD. UCLA answered to close within seven on a seven yard rush by Jonathan Franklin. Kevin Riley answered by hitting Jahvid Best for a 51 yard TD. UCLA had a little lightning of its own when Jonathan Frankin answered with a 74 yard TD run. Jahvid Best just ripped off a 93 yard TD run. UCLA puts together a drive that stalls and they have to go for 3. Cal 28 UCLA 17 with 2:51 left in the first half. Kevin Riley passes complete to Marvin Jones for 24 yards and a TD. UCLA answers with a FG. 35-20 Bears at the half and it looks like they got their offense sorted out. 221 rushing yards in the first half for Cal. Big plays are killing UCLA. Cal still ahsn't put the Bruins away but they hold a comfortable 38-26 lead at the start of the fourth quarter. 45-26 Cal is the final score. Looks like the bye week was good for the Bears.

Idaho is leading Hawaii 14-10 late in the second quarter.

USC leads Notre Dame 10-7 in the second quarter. Barkley is getting quite a bit of time to throw which is bad news for the Irish. Even with the time his passes aren't exactly on target yet. USC just kicked another FG. 13-7 USC at the half. Trojans are starting to wear down the Irish in the third quarter. USC 27 Notre Dame 14 with 2:35 left in the third. 34-20 USC with 11:13 to go. Wow...USC just threw an interception late in the fourth quarter deep in their own territory. You have to wonder why Pete isn't just keeping it on the ground running down the clock. Clausen hits Tate in the end zone to close the USC lead to only seven. 34-27 USC. Trojans have to punt with 4:27 left in the game. ND starts its drive on 22. you have to hand it to Jimmy Clausen...the guy is hobbled with a reinjured turf toe and he is still making plays. 1:47 left and ND is on the USC 48. ND first and ten inside the Trojan 30 with under a minute to go. ND makes a 4th and 10 conversion and another 15 yards is added to the play by a Trojan personal foul. USC gets another personal foul for roughing the passer. Nine seconds left and ND is on the USC 4. Four seconds and probably one play left in the game. Clausen fail to connect in the end zone on the last two plays and USC wins.