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College Gameday

No big surprises nationally this morning in the early slate except for Tennessee crushing Georgia 45-19. Arkansas knocked off Auburn 44-23. Virginia Tech dominated Boston College 48-14. Ohio State and Wisconsin are in tough one with the Buckeyes leading 14-10 at the half.

Out West things are beginning to happen. UCLA and Oregon are in a scoreless tie with 4:28 left in the first quarter. The Bruin defense looks tough and has controlled the ball most of the first quarter. We predicted a lower scoring game but I didn't think that the Ducks would be trailing 3-0 at the half. They did say Masoli could play in case of emergency. Zero points in the first half is getting close.

The Ducks return the opening kickoff 100 yards to start the second half to take a 7-3 lead. That just may be all the points they need to put this one away. That was a big play for the Ducks.

Wow...on the very next play the Bruins are intercepted and the Ducks take it back to the house for a 14-3 lead. That was quite a 26 second turnaround. It is 21-3 Oregon halfway through the third. UCLA is just inept on offense but I like their defense. The Bruins have two of Brian Bosworth's nephews starting on their defense.

UCLA puts together a nice drive and now trials 21-10 with 3:04 left in the third quarter. Mark this game down that is one that is much closer than the score would indicate. Oregon only has 7 offensive points in this game. Ducks hold on to win 24-10.

ASU up quickly by 7 against WSU in the first quarter. 13-0 Sun Devils at the half. ASU up 19-0 in the third quarter.19-7 ASU in the fourth quarter. 27 ASU with 12:25 to go. 27-14 is the final score. Not a dominating win for ASU. The Sun Devils turned the ball over six times. ASU sacked the Cougars 12 times!

Stanford and Oregon State are ready to kickoff. I bet OSU doesn't kick the ball directly to Chris Owusu.

Both teams are showing they can move the football. Stanford had a nice drive going that stalled. Oregon State rolled down the field and put 7 on the board. OSU stops Stanford again and forces them to punt. It looks early like the Beavers have these guys figured out. 14-0 OSU in the first quarter. Wow...Oregon State 21 Stanford 7 in the second quarter. The Cards are getting untracked on offense but they can't stop Jacquizz Rodgers who has 134 yards on 14 carries! Stanford is going to have to throw the ball to get back into this one.

28-7 Oregon State with 4:32 left in the first half. Stanford has no answer for Oregon State on defense. They better answer on this drive or it is going to get pretty ugly. 31-7 OSU at the half and if you are a Bay Area team the last place you want to visit is the Willamette Valley.

Colorado is up over Texas on the road 14-3 with a minute to go in the half. Put that one on your upset watch meter.

Idaho is trailing San Jose State 7-3 at the end of the first quarter.