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Pac 10 and Big East admit to officiating mistakes

Bob Condotta of the Seattle Times reports that both the Pac 10 and the Big East have admitted to missed calls in last weeks Washington at Notre Dame football game.

In a statement relayed through Pac-10 associate commissioner Dave Hirsch, the conference said Friday that "after further consideration, both conferences have agreed that some calls in that game were missed by both the officials on the field and in the replay booth and we've moved on."

This of course doesn't change anything and it is of little consolation to the kids who were cheated out of a hard fought victory by poor officiating decisions. People may second guess Coach Steve Sarkisian's decision not to ask for a review on the two point conversion but I think he made the right call. It was obvious the Big East replay officials up in the box were not on the level. Even if they would have seen Hughes' knee down they would have called it inconclusive anyway.

When the fix is in... the fix is in...not much you can do about it but win the game outright and Washington had plenty of chances to do that despite the poor officiating.