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1. Florida 2. Utah 3. USC 4. Texas 5. Oklahoma

The AP Poll is out and Utah finished second behind Florida in the voting which was really no surprise. The Ute's were impressive this season and beat Alabama with little problem in the post season but just fell short in the final voting.

One thing for sure is that the BCS really doesn't work well most of the time. This season we had quite a few teams bunched at the top that were all pretty evenly balanced. The only way you can be sure one is better than the other is to have a playoff.

I personally think USC was the best team at the end of the season but that loss to Oregon State precluded them from competing for the big prize against Florida because of the perceived weakness of the Pac 10 this year. Funny thing though, the Pac 10 ended up going 5-0 this bowl season.

Utah, the only team in major college football to go undefeated this season, got 16 first-place votes and 1,519 points. “I thought we had an outside chance,” Utah coach Kyle Whittingham said in a telephone interview with the AP. “There was enough national sentiment, I thought we might get the No. 1 slot. It wasn’t to be.”