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Stanford 112 UW 35 .... Wow

The Washington women lost last night 112 - 35 to #11 Stanford setting a conference record for largest margin ever in a conference loss.

The womens basketball team is going through a real tough time right now. Tia Jackson in her second year isn't getting her young team to play together which is sad because she obviously is a coach with a lot of passion for the game.

"There is a lesson we can learn," Washington coach Tia Jackson said. "We have had games like this before. We lost to Connecticut and then we turned around and upset a team [Florida State] the next day. We are definitely feeling good about making sure our team can bounce back."

Washington was missing starter Kristi Kingma and reserve Sara Mosiman for last nights game but it is doubtful their presence would have made any difference. The Huskies only shot 21% from the floor last night.

This was Stanford's sixth straight win over Washington and 10th in the past 11 meetings. It doesn't get any easier because #13 California is up next on Sunday.

Once again you look back to the day that UW AD Todd Turner fired June Daugherty after an NCAA tournament appearance and with one of top classes in the nation ready to join the team because he thought the program lacked buzz.

Washington womens basketball is still waiting for the buzz to come back.