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Coaching Buzz

Rumors that Jeff Mills and Mike Cox were about to join the defensive staff at Washington were given a boost today since both have reportedly been seen on campus according to Bob Condotta. Chris Fetters of Dawgman thought he saw Cox yesterday at the press conference.

Washington definitely will be going with a total of five defensive coaches including DC Nick Holt. Long time assistant Chris Tormey is possibly still in the mix if they don't reach an agreement with Cox.

In the press conference yesterday Sark and Holt said they were talking to a couple of guys that could join them in the next day or two. Expect an announcement as soon as contracts are finalized. Both would have to be NCAA tested and certified before they could hit the recruiting trail.

Oregon WR coach Robin Plfugrad is definitely in the mix for a job at Washington. He and Sarkisian have had conversations but we are not sure where he sits in Sarks pecking order. Every coach that has been hired so far has been a coach that has wither worked with Sarkisian or Holt in the past.

Plufgrad has been at Oregon for the past three years and was at WSU five years previous to that. Before WSU he was at Arizona State. The potential loss of his job at Oregon must be particularly bitter for Robin. He is from Eugene, his parents still live there, and he has two children attending Oregon. One is a cheerleader and the other is on the football team.

Chip Kelly who sound slike a real peach of a guy has made it known that he should start looking for another coaching position because when he takes over, which could be very soon, Plufgrad will be out of a job. Plufgrad brings a lot of coaching experience and is known as a strong recruiter.

The next big target is former USC assistant Kennedy Pola who is currently with the Jacksonville Jaguars. When Kennedy was at USC it was said that he was the best recruiter in the Pac 10. Expect Sarkisian and Washington to make a major move for Pola starting today. One big cherry they can offer is the recruiting coordinator position in addition to being RB coach. Expect Pola to command more in salary than the average RB coach.

We haven't heard anything on a possible TE coach and that position could end up being filled by a GA depending on who Washington hires for other coaching positions. That option is also possible for the QB coach position since Sarkisian himself is known as one of the very best in the business.

How the staff is shaping up

Steve Sarkisian - Head Coach


Jim Michalczik - Offensive Coordinator / OL

(           ?                 ) Quarterbacks

(Kennedy Pola ?  ) - Running Backs / Recruiting Coordinator

(Robin Plfugrad ? )  - Wide Receivers

(            ?                  ) - Tight Ends


Nick Holt - Defensive Coordinator / Assistant Head Coach

Johnny Nansen - Defensive Line / Special Teams

Mike Cox - Linebackers

Demetrice Martin - Cornerbacks

Jeff Mills - Safeties