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Huskies sign California JC TE

TE Dorson Boyce of Allan Hancock JC In Santa Maria, California signed with the Huskies today after taking a rare Monday visit to Montlake. The 6'2" 250 pound Boyce fills a serious need on offense because he is an excellent blocker with good hands.

Here is a little You Tube film on Dorson Boyce that I am sure you all will enjoy.

Dorson will compete for time with Kavario Middleton and Chris Izbicki this spring. The signing is an important one because with a pro style offense the importance of the TE will once again be prominent in UW game plans. All three will likely play next year because you need at least three good TE's in a rotation to be competitive.

I think it was imperative to add an older guy to the mix that is a proven blocking commodity. I think Middleton should imprive dramatically with some muscle and develop into a go to guy but you need a sure thing when you run double TE's in short yardage situations.

Boyce is the second TE in the class so far and the tenth verbal. TE Marlion Bennett from Corona California verballed to the old staff in November.