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Husky DC Nick Holt represents a true culture change

I think Husky fans are really going to like new defensive coordinator Nick Holt. Things are going to be extemely live and vocal with Holt in charge of the defense.

Talk about your changes in culture. Husky practices starting this spring aren't going to resemble anything that has been seen in Montlake this past decade. 

Coach Holt believes in contact. He believes in hitting every single day in practice. He believes the only way to be physical on game day is to practice like that every day. Sort of reminds me of the way Don James used to run things.

Holt definitely provides the Washington defense gets an extra dose of fire and passion. Check out this YouTube Video of Coach Holt wired for sound at Competition Tuesday. I think it will give you all a  good idea on the way Holt coaches a defense.

Here's some quotes from a column from the Orange County Register concerning Holt from a few weeks ago.

"You better tackle every day if you want to be successful," said Holt, whose conversational style can only be described as hydroelectric. "I have to make sure I bring the same intensity to practice every day. If I'm dragging on a certain day, I have to tell myself, ‘Hey, let's go, the guys out there are counting on me.'

"Our philosophy is built on not letting anybody behind you," Holt said. "You're disciplined, and you don't miss tackles. And then you pressure the quarterback and force turnovers."

Washington had a press conference scheduled for 3:00 PM today but that was cancelled when it became evident that Holt wasn't going to get hit campus till areound 6:00 PM.

"This is very exciting for Husky football," said Husky Head Coach Steve Sarkisian. "I don't think we could have found a more qualified or successful defensive coordinator anywhere in the country."

The press conference will be held on Tuesday at 12:30 PM and will be broadcast live on KJR and