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Nick Holt in Seattle

Numerous sources have confirmed that Nick Holt is in Seattle with a two week reservation at the same hotel Steve Sarkisian is staying at.

Molly Yanity's story in the PI earlier this weekend is standing up but Holt still has not agreed to a contract according to Bob Condotta of the Seattle Times.

"We're talking,'' Sarkisian said. "It's not done. Hopefully we'll know one way or the other pretty soon.''

Stay tuned because the assistant coaching ante at Washington is about to dramatically increase. if your are OC Jim Jim Michalczik it means an immediate pay raise two weeks into the job.

This just in from Scott Wolf at Inside USC.

Nick Holt is flying to Seattle tomorrow to decide if he wants to accept the defensive coordinator's job at Washington. And it means he lied Saturday when he said he was not interested in the position.

Wolf who is a USC grad is kind if a hack but provides the best up to date info on what is going on at USC.