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Final UW Recruiting Weekend

Washington enters the final week of the recruiting season with only 13 firm committments. The new staff has done a little bit of trimming getting out of commitments from OL Grant Cisneros, CB Aaron Grymes, and probably CB Keith Pinkard who hasn't heard from the new staff and hasn't visited.

Sarkisian said he wanted to bring in a full class of 25 but the attainable talent left available in the last two months of the recruiting season doesn't support that goal. With only around 34 to give out over the next two seasons without attrition the Husky coaches need to save room for the 2010 class. The 2010 class has a bumper crop of in state talent led by QB Jake Heaps.

I think the Huskies end up giving out 18-20 total scholarships this season with 18 being the most realistic total. WR James Johnson is a lock to get one of them. The other four are anyone's guess at this point. Positions that that they are looking to possibly fill are OL, CB, DL, and LB.

Sarkisian has done a great job of getting kids who are committed to other programs to visit Washington this year. With only two months to recruit his staff has been running behind since they started. This weekend the list begins with some real JC studs.

  • DT Daniel Mafoe JC
  • CB David Batts JC (Soft Commit Kansas State)
  • CB Brandon Sermons (Soft Commit UCLA)
  • DE Ryan Davis JC (Soft Commit California)
  • DT Johnny Tivao JC
  • P   William Mahan JC

If UW went three for five on these guys you could easily say that the recruiting season ended on an up beat note. If you were to add Mafoe, Davis, and Batts you would really be adding some instant talent and competition to the defense if they can qualify.

For those of you asking about punters Mahan happens to be a five start JUCO prospect that would lock down the position for a couple of years.

Sermons is a long shot whose brother Rodney visited Washington when he was a player. UW has about as much of a chance with him as we did Rodney.

As far as past visitors go Hawaii's Stan Hasiak and Simione Vehikite certainly wouldn't have their faxes turned down on LOI day either if they popped in as surprises but I think Hasiak goes to Cal, and Vehikite ends up at USC.

DE James Boyd, WR Delvon Purvis, and S Patrick Hall all cancelled their visits for this weekend. Sources say it was fall out from the LA Times article. Here is another LA Times article that talks about it.

Expect the visit list to at least double in size by Saturday morning when the scouting services find out exactly how many prospects are on campus. I will be updating the list and adding comments through the rest of the day.

Current Husky Commitment List

  • LB Tim Tucker (2)
  • CB Dominique Gaisie JC (2)
  • DT Semis Tokolahi (2)
  • TE Kimo Makaula (3)
  • SS Will Shamburger (2)
  • SS Nathan Fellner (3)
  • CB Desmond Trufant (3)
  • TE Dorson Boyce JC (2)
  • DT Chris Robinson (2)
  • DE Talia Chrichton (2)
  • QB Keith Price (3)
  • TE Marlion Barnett (3)
  • DE Andru Pulu (3)