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All Time Husky Football Team - NG

Olin Kreutz dominated the voting in a category that I thought was pretty tough to pick from. Ed Cunningham and Blair Bush were the runnerups.

  • Olin Kreutz (78)
  • Ed Cunningham (35)
  • Blair Bush (35)

I voted for Kreutz and Brostek. If I had to pick three all time I would have added Ray Mansfield who was one of the best centers in the NFL during the time he played.

Who is the best Nose Guard in Husky football history?

That is right we are seperating out the great NG's of the past from the great DT's. The reason is NG is a completely different position that demands a different set of skills than a DT.

A good NG needs to be able to take occupy two players at once to be effective and we have had quite a few good ones over the years.

NG is one of those positions that come and go over the years depending on what type of defense is popular in college football. UW has a pretty good looking NG type in training right now in Ta'amu Alameda so maybe we will see a return to that type of alignment during his stay.

Mark Jerue is probably the most intruiging member of this group because he started playing NG at only 220 pounds and we aren't talking 1935 either. DJ felt his quickness was an asset and he did beef up to around 240 before he left. Jerue was a big time player at the position despite his size.

Stafford Mays who is the father of USC's Taylor Mays was a dominating presence during his time at Washington. Charles Jackson is another that comes to mind as a dominating threat.

Vote for your favorite two.

The polls will be open for approximately 24 hours before we move on to the next position.