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All Time Husky Football Team - Center

Benji Olson ended up picking up the most votes for best all time offensive guard. Bob Sapp finished a surprising second!

  • Benji Olson (92)
  • Bob Sapp (47)
  • Chad Ward (46)
  • Rick Redman (42)
  • Chuck Allen (29)
  • Rick Mallory (23)

I voted for Olson, Ward, Allen, and Starcevich.

If I was picking six guys it would be Olsen, Ward, Allen, Frankowski, Starcevich, and Mallory.

Who is the Best Center in Husky Football History?

We have some serious studs who had some very long NFL careers.

This is going to be a real tough one because all these guys starting with Rudy Mucha were complete studs.