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All Time Husky Football Team - OG

Lincoln Kennedy was the top vote getter in the Offensive Tackle poll and is teamed up with Kevin Gogan who had the unfair advantage of having his name listed twice.

Lincoln Kennedy (127) and Kevin Gogan (82)

Mike Zandofsky (56) Curt Marsh (47)

Jeff Pahukoa (27) Elliott Silvers (27)

I voted for Kennedy, Marsh, Zandofsky, and Toews.

I remember seeing Curt Marsh for the first time when we were both were in ninth grade. Our 13 member freshman football team played Snohomish which had around 100 kids it seemed on the sideline. Marsh was huge and we all had heard about him. Even in ninth grade he was beginning to be recruited. We only lost the game by couple of TD's.

Jeff Toews was a guy I thought would get more votes but because he played in the early DJ years a lot of you guys may not be familiar with him. He was one of the best linemen that James ever coached.

Who is the best Offensive Guard in Husky Football History?

You may notice that Rick Redman is listed as a guard here and he was an All American Guard and Linebacker while at Washington. He played both ways and was a consensus AA at both spots. He will also be listed at LB.

Chuck Allen was an all pro player int he NFL with the Chargers.

Chad Ward, Dean Kirkland, and Benji Olsen are a few big names most of you remember.

Vote for your favorite four and remember the poll closes 24 hours from now.

This one is kind of fun because there isn't one single guy that just comes and and grabs you.