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All Time Husky Football Team - OT

Mark Bruener was voted the top Tight End of all time in a virtual landlside followed by Jerammy Stevens and Ernie Conwell.

A couple of things happened here and that is the Poll had a mind of its own and closed early and we should have voted for our top two tight end's rather than just one. By doing that it would have given us a more accurate picture behind Bruener was almost everyone's consensus pick.

My top three would have been:

  • Mark Bruener
  • Scott Greenwood
  • John Brady

You could really make a case for so many of these guys to finish second behind Breuner because there were so many outstanding TE's in the program over the years.

Who are were the All Time Best Husky Offensive Tackles?

Lots of big time names at OT like Lincoln Kennedy and Mike Zandofsky just among the few to choose from on this one.

(Vote for your four favorite)

Vote for your four top offensive tackles this time around. It will give us a much better sampling.


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