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All Time Husky Football Team - TE

Mario Bailey and Reggie Williams dominated the polls for the best Husky WR of all time. Tough to argue with that one when you take a close look at everything they accomplished in their careers.

I will never forget Mario's Heisman pose during the Rose Bowl. He was a big time player in a little package.

Reggie on the other hand was born with all the physical skills to a be a great player. He could take over a game and I think my greatest memory of him is when he stepped in to play some defense at the safety position.

Paul Skansi and Spider Gaines made the second team.

Skansi was UW's Steve Largent and he actually went on the NFL to play with Largent and the Seahawks.

Spider is a real character who had some serious talent. His most famous play was the last minute catch for a TD against WSU.

Jerome Pathon and George Black are on the third team. Black was Don Heinrich's favorite target in the late 40's and early 50's.

Jerome who hailed from Canada was solid the minute he stepped on the football field at Washington. A long career in the NFL is testament of his overall talent.

George Black was incredibly fast for his time. So fast he could play today and be among the fastest player on the UW squad.

Who did I pick?

I went with Reggie Williams and Mario Bailey. Tough not to pick those two on top. If I had to pick my favorite six I would go with:

  • Reggie Williams
  • Mario Bailey
  • Paul Skansi
  • Danny Greene
  • Tom Scott
  • George Black

Who is the Best Husky Football Tight End of All Time?

They used to call this place "Tight End University". That reputation slid under Willingham but that should change under Sarkisian.

The ultimate TE is the type of athlete who makes a terrific power forward int he NFL. Think Lonnie Shelton, Kellen Winslow, Dave Winfield, or how about Jon Brockman? I think Brockman could walk on and play one season and be an all conference TE.

Dave Williams, John Brady, Scott Greenwood, Mark Bruener, Ernie Conwell, Aaron Pierce, and Jeremy Stevens just to name a few.

The poll is on the right hand side of the site and it will be open fo rthe next twenty four hours.