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All Time Husky Football Team - WR

The vote for Fullback is over and here are the winners.

Junior Coffey, Rick Fenney, and Pat Conniff.

One guy I am very surprised that didn't come in the top three is Kent's Robin Earl who ran for over 2200 yards in his Husky career. He is the 7th leading career rusher in Husky history and he is #1 in yardage all time for Husky fullback's. No Husky ran for more yards in between the time he and Hugh McElhenny graduated!

I voted for Junior Coffey.

My top three are Junior Coffey, Robin Earl, and Ray Jackson.

We have had a lot of very good fullbacks over the years. Earl's numbers are great but Coffey's and Jackson's numbers were achieved in the era of stacking meaning they didn't get as many carries as they would have in the modern era even though they were featured backs.

Only one vote for Toussaint Tyler who has to go down as one of the more incredible physical specimens I have ever seen.

Some stude athletes have played FB at Washington.

Who are the Two Best Receivers in Husky Football?

Paul Skansi, Mario Bailey, Aaron Williams. Scott Phillips, Tom Scott., Reggie Williams?

This won't be easy.

Vote for two!