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All Time Husky Team - WR

Rick Fenney narrowly beat out Junior Coffey in the balloting for best all time Husky fullback. Pat Conniff who was probably the best FB we have had in the past decade or so finished third. Robin Earl and Richard Thomas also had a good amount of votes.

I would have gone with Coffey, Earl and Fenney. I know that Fenney was incredible but injuries curtailed his production. Earl was a 250 lb fullback that could run and block well. He is the seventh all time leading rusher in Washington history. No way I could keep him off my personal list.

Who are the best Two Best Receivers in Husky Football history?

This time (pick your two) favorite players from the list.

Some great names to choose from like George Black, Tom Scott, Scott Phillips, Mario Bailey and Reggie Willams.

Tough to say who my two all time WR's are until I think about it.