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All Time Husky Football Team - FB

Hugh McElhenny scored a come from behind victory to win the title of greatest Husky running back of all time. I think the youtube film I posted on the site may have helped him out with the younger voters. Seeing is believing.

My dad saw many of McElhenny's games and he thought he was the best ever. He also never lived long enough to see Napoleon Kauffman. We all were huge Joe Steele fans but while he loved Joe he felt that McElhenny was in a different league.

Napoleon Kaufman finished a close second and Corey Dillon finished a solid third. Others receiving votes were Joe Steele, Greg Lewis, Louis Rankin, Rashan Shehee.

George Wilson and Chuck Carroll who were consensus All American's in the 1920's didn't get a single vote. That may have something to do with me not obtaining any film of them and most voters not being alive when they played football.

Who is the Best All Time Fullback in Washington Football History?

So many great names such as Rick Fenney, Toussaint Tyler and Robin Earl just to name a few from the Don James years. Jim Owens had Ray Jackson, Junior Coffey, and Jim Day among others.

Junior is one of my all time favorite Huskies and he went on to have a great career in the NFL.

Voting will be open for 24 hours before we move on to the next position.