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All Time Husky Football Team - RB

The tallies for the Quarterback position are in and Marques Tuiasosopo was your top pick by a wide margin followed by Warren Moon and Billy Joe Hobert.

Mark Brunell, Bob Schloredt, Sonny Sixkiller, Jake Locker, and Don Heinrich received honorable mention.

If I was picking one, two, three I would have gone with Tuiasosopo, Heinrich, and Hobert.

My vote for best of all time went to Tuiasosopo. IMHO nobody took over a game like he did.

Who is the best Running Back in Husky History?

We have some great names led by the "King" himself Hugh McElhenny who old timers suggest was only second to the great Jim Brown. Too young to have seen him play? Here is some video on the "King".

George Wilson and Chuck Carroll come from other era's but were both consensus first team All Americans who led their team to Rose Bowl games.

Joe Steele was called the most important recruit of the Don James era.

Napoleon Kaufmann had legs that were as quick as a needle in a sewing machine.

Corey Dillon had one terrific season where I think he may have been the best RB in the country.

The voting is open and it will only last twenty four hours before we move on to the next position.