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All Time Husky Football Team

We, and I mean all of the readers and myself are going to be picking a "UW Dawg Pound All Time Husky Football Team" over the next couple of weeks. With so many great players over the last 100 years we are going to pick first, second, and third place teams followed by an honorable mention for whoever received a vote.

The Poll Daddy unit will be over on the right hand side. Voting for each position or responsibility will last only twenty-four hours.

I had a few problems getting the poll to post this morning but as you can see it is all working now.

Who was the best Quarterback in Husky Football history?

I picked 15 different QB's plus you can write in someone if you want too. I think this is a pretty tough pick because the players are spanning almost 60 years who were nominated.

Some pretty tough hombre's to choose from.

Don Heinrich who would be the most senior player on the list is a guy few of us have ever seen play. I have seen some very raw footage from when he was at UW and some NFL film. He was one of the best of his era.

You can't argue with Warren Moon after his Hall of Fame pro career and fine senior season at Washington. The 1978 Rose Bowl was the start of the James Dynasty.

Marques Tuiasosopo really holds a special place in peoples hearts because he just took over games and led the Huskies to their last Rose Bowl.

Billy Joe Hobert never lost a game while he was QB at Washington!

Sonny Sixkiller was one of the most famous All Time Washington QB's. He had three very good years that happened to coencide with a guy named Plunkett at Stanford.

Bob Schloredt won two Rose Bowl MVP trophies and was a memeber of one of two officially recognized national championship football teams at Washington. He also played both ways!

By numbers only Cody Pickett was one of the most prolific QB's in Husky history.