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Recruiting Violation?

Molly Yanity of the Seattle PI writes about a possible secondary (minor) recruiting violation that happened last Saturday.

After an article on revealed some of the specifics of last weekend's official visits -- especially the details as told by new commitment Desmond Trufant, the Huskies football coaching staff may find itself in a bit of hot water.

Actually lets call it lukewarm water.

The violation was reported by the Coog Zone website if you can believe that. They assumed some things from an interview that Dawgman did with Desmond Trufant. Talk about making yourself part of the story!

Trufant described a simulated game-day entrance to the field at Husky Stadium through the tunnel, complete with smoke and noise.

In the story published Monday, Trufant said, "I was shocked by what they did. They acted like it was a real game and they had smoke (in the tunnel) and we ran out of the tunnel. It was nice."

Coog Zone could be more appropiately named as Kook Zone. those guys are way over the top over there.

Most importantly is it an actual violation?

I read stories of USC recruits getting jerseys with their favorite numbers on them last week? It seems like most programs do that. Oregon even out out comic books about recruits future exploits at Oregon.

At least it wasn't fruit baskets or we would be in real trouble!

"Based on what I know so far, it appears that a violation may have occurred," he said. "However, if one did occur, it would definitely be classified as a secondary violation."

Secondary violations happen and are self reported to the Pac 10. For example when Ty Willingham mentioned a recruits name on a radio show by accident before signing day it was a secondary violation.