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The Mount Rushmore of Husky Football

Over at the ESPN site they put together a little survey to determine every singles states Mount Rushmore as far as sports heroes go.

On the Washington State page you have people nominated like Don James, Fred Couples, Ken Griffey Jr, Steve Largent, John Stockton, Edgar Martiniez, Lenny Wilkens, Gary Payton, Jack Sikma, and Elgin Baylor

Just a reminder Mount Rushmore has four presidents carved into the side of it. George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Teddy Roosevelt, and Abraham Lincoln.

So who would be the four Husky football figures on your Mount Rushmore of Husky Football?

It's not exactly easy because take a look at the foursomes I came up with just by position.


Gil Dobie, Enoch Bagshaw, Jim Owens, and Don James.

Running Backs

Joe Steele, Napoleon Kauffman, Hugh McIlhenny, and George Wilson.


Robin Earl, Rick Fenney, Toussaint Tyler, Junior Coffey


Don Heinrich, Bob Schloredt, Warren Moon, and Sonny Sixkiller

Wide Receivers

Mario Bailey, Dave Williams, Reggie Williams, Paul Skansi

Tight Ends

Mark Breuner, Ernie Conwell, Aaron Pierce, Jeremy Stevens

Offensive Tackle

Lincoln Kennedy, Kevin Gogan, Jeff Toewes, Mike Zandofsky

Offensive Guard

Benji Olson, Chad Ward, Max Starcevich, Ray Frankowski


Blair Bush, Roy McKasson, Olin Kreutz, Bern Brostek

Defensive Line

Steve Emtman, Ron Holmes, Dave Pear, DeMarco Farr

Defensive End

Reggie Rogers, Lee Brock, Jason Chorak, Travis Richardson


Tim Meamber, Rick Redman, Michael Jackson, Dan Lloyd


Ray Horton, Nesby Glasgow, Al Burleson, Mark Lee


Lawyer Milloy, Curtis Williams, Tom Greenlee, Tony Parish


Chuck Nelson, Jeff Jaeger, Skip Boyd, John Anderson

Athletic Directors

Mike Lude, Joe Kearney, George Briggs, Harvey Cassill


Bruce King, Bob Rondeau, Keith Jackson, Barry Tompkins


Dr. Alfred Strauss, Torchy Torrance, Ron Crockett, Ed Hanson