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Twenty Questions

Who would you like me to approach this spring as far as interviews go?

The worst that anyone you pick can say is no!

Players are probably out of bounds but we will check on that with Coach Sarkisian.

So put in your nominations and I will go after them.

I will go with the tried and true twenty questions format.

I send the person we are going to interview twenty questions by email and the questions can be the best of whatever you guys suggest in addition to the usual questions I am going to ask.

We have over 1500-2500 on any given day stopping by to check out the site so we probably aren't going to be ignored.

The whole idea of this site has always been to provide intelligent conversation about Husky football. I think we have done a great job of achieving that as a group. I want to take it to the next level this year by providing more intelligent conversation.

Here are ten suggestions to start off with:

Bill Gates Sr.

You are the father of the richest man in the world and you are a UW graduate and Regent. You like Husky football but you think the real estate could be put toward a better use. It makes a lot of sense to everyone that isn't a Husky football fan.

Scott Woodward

You are the new Athletic Director at the University of Washington and you were called on to make the most important decision of your new career without any prior experience as an Athletic Director a few months after you were named to the position.

Mark Emmert

I don't think Washington has ever had an actual pro football President. Emmert gets it even though he hired Turner and Willingham.

Bob Condotta

You are one of the hardest working sports writers in Seattle who is able to stay ahead of the curve by reporting as many scoops as the traditional Internet sites on your daily blog in the Seattle Times.

Jim Moore

You actually thought you could write three columns a week until you were 65 and get paid for it? Jim just happens to be a great guy despite the fact that he is a Cougar.I enjoy most of what Jim has to write but the Nick Holt interview that popped up this past week wasn't one of my favorites.

Art Thiel

Art is one of my favorite sportswriters. I don't always agree with him but I think he is a great read. I learned to read by studying George N Meyers columns in the Times. If I was seven year old now Art would be the guy teaching me how to read.

Kim Grinolds

Dawgboy as he is called by Softy is the business leader of the Dawgman website started by Dave Samek. Kim is a great guy and a close friend who runs a website that is the pulse of Husky football.

Steve Sarkisian

What list can be complete without the new head coach of the Washington Huskies? I know I would never get an interview with Willingham but I think Sark would be game in March once things slow down.

Ted Miller

Ted is one of my favorite writers and he nas to be happy about right now with his decision to leave the PI and head to ESPN. Ted lives in Scottsdale which is heaven on earth for eight months of the year. The other four months it is a raging inferno of plus 100 heat.

Nick Holt

Twenty questions by e-mail? I want to fly into Seattle and do this one in person while having micro beers at the Ram.