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Husky Stadium Plans

Click on the link to view the minutes from the last Board of Regents meeting to get an accurate idea of what $300 million will buy you these days when it comes to a college football stadium.

One of the more notable design elements is a 70,000 square foot football only building which would be built into the Northwest side of the stadium.

Board of Regents Minutes

Missing Parts in Phase One

Missing is an expansion of the West end zone and bowl seating in the East end zone. Plans are on the drawing boards to do that at a later date.

The West end zone would sport a covered upper deck in Phase Two and would increase seating to as much as 90,000. The East end zone bowl would be built low to the ground so views aren't blocked of the lake and mountains. Removing the bleacher seating would add more seats and better site lines. Don't count on either getting done this decade because ticket demand isn't there.

Another thing missing from this plan is a huge parking garage on the South side of the stadium. I think it still will be built as part of the Sound Transit light rail project. Funds for that garage will likely come from the State and Sound Transit.

I don't like the idea of a parking garage on the South side of the stadium but if it is done right and if there is plenty of open space on top of it to build what I would call a Husky Town for game days it just might be a good addition.

The South parking lot is most likely going to undergo plenty of changes this decade. You have Sound Transit putting the light rail through their plus you have the very good possibility of Pacific Avenue tunneling under or traveling through the parking lot on the way to the new 520 bridge.

If you look at the 520 plan options it is obvious that they are going to have to encroach on the South parking lot in some way. Building another bridge over the cut next to the University Bridge probably will never happen for a number of good reasons.

In the end I think they Tunnel under the parking lot and Union Bay even though it is the costliest option.

Wow Factor

The reconstruction of the lower bowl and moderniztion of the South side are estimated to cost $250 million. The football center located on the Northwest side of the stadium will cost $50 million.

The wow factor in recruiting is the new training facility built completely into the stadium to supplement what has already been built in the Tubby Graves/ Husky Legends expansion. Moving the football coaches offices, meeting rooms and training facilities over here opens up a lot of needed space in the still cramped confines of Tubby Graves.

Imagine Coach Sarkisian talking to a recruit and his family in an office that overlooks the playing field. That is exactly what this design does plus all the assistant coaches get a view also.

The media gets a break with a new facility in the West end zone to supplement the old press box which will be replaced by a new one that can stand up to an earthquake. If you have ever been up there on gameday it can get pretty scary when the crowd gets going.

Once this project is completed Washington will not only have the best stadium in the Pac 10 but it will rival any stadium in the country.