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Aaron Roderick changes his mind again - Update

Utah WR coach Aaron Roderick has decided to stay with the Ute's after a promotion to offensive coordinator. Roderick was in the boat with Washington until the Ute's made the counter offer which upped his responsibility and salary.

Oregon's Robin Pflugrad was one of the candidates who interviewed or spoke with Sark about the position till it was apparently filled by Roderick. James Lofton was another name we kicked around the board.


Apparently he has decided to go to UW and not stay with Utah. The co-coordinator position I guess wasn't that enticing a prospect for him. The hiring is now official.

As far as this weekend's recruiting goes I will have an article up later today. I like to wait till everything is sifted through when it comes to recruiting. I think UW did pretty well which is typical of the first week of visits.