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Rose Bowl thoughts

I think anyone who watched the Rose Bowl came away impressed by the play of the USC Trojans. It is hard to imagine that there is a better team out there in college football right now. It is even harder to believe that Oregon State beat these guys earlier this year but stuff like that happens in college football. It is very difficult to go undefeated even if you are the USC.

If you are a Husky fan you had to come away with the impression that Steve Sarkisian and his offense is the real deal. The Trojans didn't slow down till the second half when Carroll decided to put the breaks on and handed the game to his defense.

I think it was a great preview of what Husky fans can expect next season when it comes to offensive style. Sure they won't have the horses the Trojans have for a few years but the direction is clear. Jake Locker can't help but get better under Sarkisian and that is a very good thing.

Over on the Dawgman board a number of people have questioned Sarkisian's involvement in the Rose Bowl after he was hired by Washington. I happen to think it is a good thing and it got Washington a lot of exposure recruiting wise that they wouldn't have gotten if Sark had jumped ship early.

If your Jake Heaps you have to like the look of the offense he has put together. Make no mistake a lot of recruits were watching the game and they all can't play for USC. I think it made a positive impression.

Sark will be back in Seattle Friday to start his new life as the head coach at Washington and the future is going to be bright. The vibe he sent out when he was hired is only going to increase over the next month and through 2009.

There is a new sheriff in town and the revival of Husky football begins in earnest on January 2nd. I think we are all going to like what we see.