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Husky injury update

TE Kavario Middleton starts the week at around 80% after twisting his knee against BYU. He should be fine by Saturday.

S Darin Harris will be sitting out the Oklahoma game with a concussion. He was carried off on a stretcher Saturday after suffering a possible neck injury. He will be back for Stanford.

OT Cody Habben twisted his ankle on Saturday but returned to the game. He will be fine for Oklahoma.

S Nate Williams is pretty sore after rinnung in to Harvey Unga all day Saturday. He will be fine on Saturday but will look forward to the bye week to completely heal up.

TB Chris Polk seperated his shoulder on Saturday. The shoulder came completely out of the socket. Polk could be back as soon as Stanford or be out the rest of the season depending on what the doctors find out today.

S Jason Wells is going to redshirt this season so he can return to the team at full strength next season. Wells could eventually play later this season but it would be a waste of a senior year.

TE Mike Gottleib should see more time on Saturday especially during obvious running plays. He is a big upgrade over Middleton as a blocker.

S Victor Aiyewa is day to day with a groin injury. i think it is safe to say that we won't see Victor till the Stanford game. If the injury continues to linger he could be a candidate for a redshirt year.

CB Byron Davenport is still out with a gimpy ankle. It would be great if he could play this Saturday but he is another player that we probably won't see till Stanford.

RB Brandon Johnson is going to return to action against Oklahoma after taking last week off to rest his strained calf.