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Offensive Notes

Jake Locker accounted for 270 of Washington's 337 total yards on Saturday. A sluggish running game in the first half contributed to those dismal figures.

Jake needs a sidekick in thebackfield that is capable of picking up 100 or more yards. There is a ray of hope because David Freeman and Willie Griffin picked up 45 yards between each other in the second half. Both of them looked more comfortable than Chris Polk who exited the game with a shoulder injury near the end of the first half.

In addition to Freeman and Griffin making their college debuts, redshirt freshman Skyler Fancher got his first action in the second quarter at right tackle. Fancher replaced Cody Habben, who later returned.

I really like the way Frreman attacks the line of scrimmage. he really has the ability to make things happen.

I liked the look of the goal line offense with Kravitz and Homer. Both of these guys need to get their hands on the ball more during the game. They both are a load to tackle and usually come up with positive yards.

Kavario Middleton is going to be a stud, He is the best looking receiving TE I have seen at Washington since Jeremy Stevens. Kavario is maturing rapidly and I think he has the ability to take over games in the future.

Jakes accuracy needs a lot of work. His receivers are getting open which is a good sign. Kearse, Goodwin, and Jordan Polk are really coming along. They all have the ability to make the big play. It seems those three are now at the top of the depth chart.

Juan Garcia's miracle continued as he played all night without incident. The overall play of the offensive line was better this week, but I wouldn't call them a group of road graders at this point.

Tyrone Willingham said RB Chris Polk suffered a dislocated shoulder which means he is doubtful for Oklahoma.

Willingham said the team was planning on going to overtime rather than going for two in regulation. "We had made up our mind. We decided taking it to overtime was the best way to do it and, unfortunately, we didn't get that opportunity."