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BYU at Washington

The 15th ranked BYU Cougars invade Husky Stadium today with the dreams of an undefeated season and a national championship.

Check in during the game as we update the game on a quarter by quarter basis.

BYU has never won in Seattle but they did win the last encounter in Provo which was in 1999.

Ohio University is leading Ohio State 14-12 late in the third quarter. This is just another reason that I love college football. 19-14 tOSU with 7:14 left in the 4th. Ohio State goes on to win 26-14.

First Quarter

BYU gets possession first and starts at the 22. BYU marches across the 50 on a mix of positive plays. On third and six the Cougars keep the drive alive as Hall hits a reception the UW 34. BYU is getting 6-7 yards on first down which is really making it easy for them. A bad snap cost BYU 6 yards and brings up 3rd and 15. Hall goes long and burns Quinton Richardson for a 38 yard TD.

Fouch comes in. He hits Aguilar wit

BYU 7-0

Washington starts its first drive at the 25. Huskies go four and out as Locker fails to complete a pass. The receievers were open. Jake just needs to hit them. The deep game is there for UW today if Locker can dial it up.

BYU starts at the 33. Hall is 6-6 for 80 yards. Big TB Harvey Unga is going to be tough to stop today. Huskies adjust and stop the Cougars on downs. Big stop for UW.

Huskies start at the 33. Goodwin takes a Locker pass for ten yards for a UW first down. Goodwin catches another one and takes it down to the BYU 30. Middleton catches a Locker pass and takes it to the BYU 15. The TE is back at UW. Locker runs it in from 15 yards out for the TD.

Washington 7 BYU 7

BYU starts at the 25. Cougars hold on the first play. Coug's pick it all back up on the next play. On 3rd and 2 the Cougs pick it up on the old pitch and catch. Huskies make nice stop for a loss on a screen.

Second Quarter

Huskies stop the Cougars and take over on their 23. Locker is sackes and fumbles for a huge loss. Those are the type of mistakes that lose football games. Kavario Middleton is injured on the play after recovering the football. Looks like his knee but he should be ok. On 3rd and 23 Locker hits Goodwin for a first down. Locker picks up ten for a first down and flag for a late hit on BYU. Polk is running tenatively today. Cody Habben is down on the field and it looks like a knee. RS Skyler Fancher comes in. Locker is sacked on the next play for a loss. On 3rd and 14 Locker pulls the string and hits Jermaine Kearse deep in the endzone.

Washington 14 BYU 7

BYU starts at the 28. Harvey Unga picks up ten up the middle. He picks up another ten on a 3rd and two. Unga picks up another ten. UW needs to figure out a way to slow him down. He has 60 yards on eight carries. BYU is down on the UW 28. Quniton Richardson is having a good game at corner. 3rd and five for BYU from the Husky 19. Hall completes one to the UW five for the first down. It is Unga time inside the five. He gets nothing on the first one as UW stcks the line. He picks up 3 on the next one. 3rd and two from the two. Hall calls a play fake and hits it for a TD. 6:20 on that last drive.

Washington 14 BYU 14

Darion Jones, Kavario Middleton and Cody Habben are expected back. Huskies start on the 26. Locker takes it for 11 on a play fake. Looks like Chris Polk dinged up his shoulder. David Freeman comes into the game and makes a catch. Huskies go three and out and have to punt. This give BYU a shot to take the lead going in to the half.

Unga picks up 7 on first down. Good pressure on the last play from Teo Nesheim. BYU is still driving with 1:36 to go at their own 30. Hall is picking apart UW as they hit the BYU 44 with 1:08 to go. Mason Foster makes an interception to stop the drive.

UW takes over at the 30 with 56 seconds left. Locker shoots blanks on the first two plays. He hits Homer short of the first down. BYU calls timeout with 30 seconds left. Ballman gets off a great 63 yard punt. BYU takes a knee.


It was a pretty good first half for both teams. Washington was able to contain BYU for the most part but they need to start shutting down TB Harvey Unga. The Huskies still haven't gotten the running game to click yet. They need to get that going in the second hlf if they are going to win the game. Chris Polk is doubtful with a banged up shoulder.

Will this be the week the Huskies make the proper adjustments in the second half to win the game?

Third Quarter

Washington starts off at the 35 after Jordan Polk makes a nice return on a knucklball. Goodwin picks up 2 on a quick out. Freeman picks up ten for a running first down. Jake picks up five on a scramble. Locker picks up another couple on a broken play. 3rd and five for the Huskies and Kearse picks up 7 on a pass from Locker. UW at the BYU 44 and David Freeman picks up 8 on a nice punishing run. Homer picks up five for a first down. Locker takes it up the middle to the BYU 12 for another first down. Freeman picks up 2. Jordan Polk takes it to the 4 on an end around. Locker picks up the first down and takes it to the 1. Kravitz takes it in for the TD to end a very impressive opening drive.

Washington 21 BYU 14

BYU starts at the 37 after a nice return. Unga is cracked in the chest the first play by Darin Harris. Quinton Richardson is down with cramps. Unga picks up 15 on the next play. Hall picks up another 15 on a pass to move in to Husky territory. Unga picks up a couple. Unga picks up 4. 3rd and 3 from the Husky 27. Hall hits Collie who breaks a tackle to take it to the 12. Unga takes it in for the TD from 12. Yikes that was a quick answer.

Washington 21 BYU 21

Jordan Polk takes it out to the Washington 25. Jordan is going to be a preey good player. Willie Griffin picks up 10 for first down. I like the way Griffin runs inside. Locker loses 3 on a keeper. Locker hits Freeman for 3. Locker goes incomplete and 3rd and ten. Locker missed the throw under pressure. Goodwin was open. Ballman has another great punt nd BYU is backed up to the 3.

BYU begins at the 3. If they want this game they have to drive 97 yards. Unga for 1.

Fourth Quarter

BYU starts 2nd and 9 from their own four yard line to begin the fourth quarter.

When was the last time Washington outscored an opponent in the fourth quarter? Will the Huskies have enough gas left in the tank to play four quarters of football?

Mason Foster bats down a Hall pass. 3rd and 9 and Hall hits Pitta for a 1st down at the 32 yard line. Mason Foster is down with cramps. That was a big play on third down. It was the type of play that wins and loses football games. Washington let them off the hook. Unga makes a punishing run to take it out to midfield. BYU is driving. Hall hits another pass for 10 yards. Hall hits Pitta again at the twenty. Darin Harris is down on the field. Looks like a serious neck injury. An injury time out is called so they can stablize him to tke him off the field. An ambulance has been called on to the field to take him to the hospital. He is conscious and moving which is a good sign.

Unga picks up 6 yards. He is wearing UW down. Pitta picks up first down at the ten. BYU goes offside. 1st and goal from the 15. Unga takes it down to the 6. Unga fumbles at the goal line and UW recovers! Tripper Johnson made the big hit!

UW starts at the twenty after the touchback. Freeman picks up 7 on first down. Good news on Harris. He will be fine. Locker to Middleton to the 37 for a 1st down. Locker takes the option for 8. Freeman picks up the first down near midfield. Freeman for no gain. Goodwin drops one on a smoke route. Locker throws incomplete into coverage.

BYU starts at the 16 with 8:10 left in the game. Unga picks up 14 on a little pass from Hall. The Huskies are not tackling well. Screen to Reed for the first down at the BYU 47. Hall on a play make for 24 deep into UW territory. Way too many broken tackles. Hall hits another one for 4. Huskies need a stop here. Unga stopped at the Husky 22. On 3rd and 3 Reed picks up the 1st down at the UW 15. 3:48 remaning. Hall to a wide open Pitta in the endzone for the TD.

BYU 28 Washington 21

Here is the ballgame for Washington. With 3:31 Jake Locker starts the Washington offense from his own 24. Locker goes long and misses Goodwin who was open by three steps. Good call but Locker missed it. Middleton picks up 6 over the middle. Locker to Middleton across the 35. A wide open Goodwin drops the ball on what would have been a possible TD. Locker overthrows Jordan Polk who was wide open. On 3rd and 10 Locker overhrows a wide open Jermaine Kearse. On4th and 10. Jake scrambles over the 50 for a 1st down to keep the drive alive. Locker to Jordan Polk for 8. Locker picks up the short 1st down on a busted play. 1:16 left in the game. UW to the BYU 41. Locker to Polk down to the 29 with 54 seconds remaining. Locker is sacked on the blitz and fumbles. Locker is called for grounding. UW retains possesion. Locker to Goodwin at the BYU 18 for 20 yards and a first down with 36 seconds remaining. Locker throws incomplete as he is hit in the backfield. BYU is bringing pressure. Locker takes it to the BYU 3 on scrambling run. UW takes a timeout after burning round 6 seconds off the clock. 16 second left. Middleton loses one in the corner of the end zone. Nice pass but he couldn't hang on. Great coverage. Locker to Goodwin on the fade incomplete. Locker takes it in to tie the game with 2 seconds left.

15 yard penalty for celebration on Locker. Poor call. The extra point is blocked and Washington loses the game. What a terrible way to end a game. The Pac Ten officials should be ashamed. What a complete joke. This was a great game headed to overtime and everyone was cheated by the officials.

BYU 28 Washington 27