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Week Two Picks

One of the staples of blogging or covering football is the weekly predictions.

Nathan and I are predicting games every week over in the PI Blog.

Here are Nathan's predictions for week 2.

ASU 37, Stanford 20
Cal 37, WSU 20
Arizona 42. Toledo 20
Oregon 44, Utah State 10
Penn State 37, Oregon State 20
UW 37, BYU 34

Here are my predictions for week 2.

ASU 31, Stanford 17
Cal 45, WSU 17
Arizona 45 Toledo 24
Oregon 65, Utah State 0
Penn State 27, Oregon State 17
BYU 44 Washington 30

The popular pick this week is for Washington to rebound and upset Brigham Young. I would love to see it happen but I am not buying into it. I think Washington will move the ball better and make a better game out of it, but Max Hall is going to be the difference in this one.

The Beavers travel to Beaver Stadium. I think Riley could win here under the right circumstances but not this Sauturday.

How improved is Stanford? You are going to find out this week when they play one of the best teams in the league. I think Stanford sticks with them late.

Cal is looking good and I think they are going to get better each week which is bad news for WSU.