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UW Notes - Fogerson switches to defense

Fogerson Moves to Safety

Johri Fogerson has moved over to safety where he will be given the chance to play right away. the coaches feel that he is one of the better athletes on the team and they need to get him on the field. It will take Johri a few weeks to get the position down so don't expect him to get extensive playing time until after the bye week.

The coaches feel that Fogerson has the talent to possibly be a two way player in the future if needed, but for now his future will be as a second team safety.

Last years starter Jason Wells who suffered a knee injury last fall is likely going to redshirt this year. I think it makes a lot of sense to be patient and get him back to 100%. Wells is one of the better safeties in the league when healthy.

Victor Aiyewa has been recovering from a groin pull suffered late in camp. The coaches love the way Vic can lay the lumber but they feel he is still a little green to start. Senior Darin Harris has been running opposite Sophomore Nate Williams.

Walk-on Tripper Johnson actually started last week against Oregon as a third safety. The NCAA has granted him an extra year of eligibility which means he is currently a sophomore with two years more to play. Johnson is obviously a mature player at 26 year old who will continue to get better. No matter how well he does UW won't have to put him on scholarship because his former MLB team is paying for all his college expenses.

Injury Report

Washington players didn't suffer anything more than the usual bumps and bruises this past week. TE Mike Gottleib who didn't make the trip is now probable for BYU.

Jake Locker will have another full week to get his timing down with his receivers in practice. he still isn't 100% but did not suffer any setbacks against the Ducks.
Jon Wilner on Willingham and Washington
Wilner is well aquainted with Willingham since he works for the San Jose Mercury and has covered Bay Area football.