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Time to pull the plug

Sometime's you just know it is time.

Last nights loss to Stanford was a clear signal that Washington will have a new head coach in December. It was also a clearer signal that the athletic department should start negotiating immediately with Tyrone Willingham to arrange a financial settlement which will allow him to step aside as coach at the University of Washington so the search for his successor can begin.

Before last night I thought Ty had a fighting chance to win the next four games but after watching the team give up nearly 500 yards to a mediocre Stanford team it is obvious that things are going to get worse before they start to get better. Washington just may go winless this season which was unthinkable to me only a week ago.

I was previously in the camp that even if it became obvious that Tyrone wasn't going to survive they should let him finish out the season and start the coaching search after the WSU game. I am now in the camp that the search should start sooner rather than later so at least the 2009 recruiting season can be salvaged.

Firing a coach is never an easy thing to do especially if it is done during the season. You only resort to that when you realize that things are only going to get worse. UW reached that critical point on Saturday and Scott Woodward needs to pull the trigger.

Chances are that Willingham himself may have come to the same conclusion. I wouldn't surprised to see him resign by Monday morning. If he does not Woodward needs to take the bull by horns and start preparing for the future.