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Stanford at Washington Game Thread

The game is being broadcast to a regional Northwest audience on FSN. The 7:00 PM start means that most of us have an entire day to screw around before the game which is a nice thing to do as we move deeper into fall.

I will be checking in throughout the day as other college and Pac 10 contests are going on.

Ole Miss Upsets Florida

Houston Nutt needed just five games to get a signature win at Mississippi. Jevan Snead threw two touchdown passes, ran for another score and led the Rebels to a stunning 31-30 victory.

Fresno State 36 UCLA 31 Final

They have Neuheisel wired for sound today. Rick loves that type of stuff. He just screams look at me, look at me.

UCLA returned the kickoff 100 yards for a TD but it was called back for the old block in the back. UCLA goes three and out and Fresno State returns the punt 67 yards for the touchdown. This one is going to get very ugly for UCLA early.

UCLA has been able to put together a decent running game int he first half. Just another example of how Neu is playing the hand he is dealt. I am a little surprised that Fresno is giving up so many yards on the ground.

Fresno is figuring out the UCLA running game and they have been packing the line of scrimmage more as the game goes on. A little Deja Vu as the Bruins just got flagged for 15 for having 12 players on the field. Rick still hasn't gotten that one worked out. Fresno drives for a late TD to retake the lead. UCLA responds with a late drive of their own and cuts the lead with a FG.

This ended up being a great game and you have to like UCLA for their pluckiness even though they lost. The Bruins have a lot of talent, but they also hav ea lot of dark holes. I think Neu called a pretty good game.

California 42 Colorado State 7 final

Cal is off to a good start after the embarrasing loss to Maryland. The Bears are getting better every week and I think they are the second best team in the conference right now.

Oregon 63 WSU 14 Final

Oregon could be playing their 18th string QB and the result would be the same. WSU may be the worst BCS team in the country. Paul Wulff has his work cut out for him.

Tip of the hat to Paul Newman

Years ago I happened to be at Daniel's Broiler in Leschi when Paul Newman happened to walk into the bar before going to dinner after a local auto race. It wasn't busy that night when he walked in early before meeting his dinner party. He sat on a stool next to me and ordered a beer. We spoke with each other for around twenty minutes shooting the poop just like regular guys do. I didn't acknowledge he was one of the most famous people in the world and he didn't seem to mind that I was one of the least famous. He was just a nice guy having a beer before dinner trying to relax after long day at the race track.

The first thing I read this morning is that he had passed away, and it left me very sad even though nobody lives forever. I always admired his acting, and philantrophy, but the thing I will always remember is how unassuming he was when I casually met him. He was just a regular guy and he was shorter than I thought he was.

We all will miss you Paul and hope to see you again in heaven. You were the definition of a good guy.

Stanford at Washington

I was listening to Ty before the game and he said the team scrimmaged more the past two weeks than any other team he has ever coached. Lets hope the hard work pays off tonight.

First Quarter

UW marches the ball down the field during the first possesion to the Stanford 23 and UW fumbles and Stanford recovers.

Stanford takes over at their 21. They fumble after a short reception.

UW takes over at the Stanford 35. Freeman looks good tonight and take sit to the five. Locker takes it inside the one. Brandon Johnson takes it in.

Washington 7 Stanford 0

Stanford is driving and picking up yards on the ground. UW can't give up big yardage on first down and win this game. Stanford down to the UW 20. Kimble takes it in right up the middle...not a good sign.

Washington 7 Stanford 7

Freeman is having a good night and his hitting the holes hard as the Huskies start driving again. Jake has carried the ball seven times already tonight for 23 yards.

UW responds with a terrible series of play calling and has to punt. All UW has to do is run the I all night and pound it to win. for some reason Lappnao can't figure it out. A sack takes away a FG opportunity.

Second quarter

Stanford takes over on the 20. Gerhart is knocked out of the game with a concussion. Tony Kimble takes over at TB. Stanford is marching again. Too many arm tackles. Butler is knocked out of the game. Missed tackles, Missed tackles! Stanford scores on a naked boot leg. Josh Gage was punked on that one.

Stanford 14 Washington 7

UW starts inside the 20. UW has used up all three of their timouts early in the second quarter. Polk runs a nice reverse into Cardinal territory. Locker get sknocked out of the game and fouch comes in. Fouch drives them inside the 10. UW picks up a personal foul and goes down to the five. Johnson takes it to the one. Johnson takes it in for the TD.

Stanford 14 Washington 14

Stanford drives down and hits a long one and goes ahead 21-14.

Stanford 21 Washington 14 Halftime

Third quarter

Stanford goes 3 and out to start the first half. Locker is out with appears to be a broken wrist.

Fouch starts at the 17. UW is going to run the ball in the second half. Uw maes a few nice plays and moves it up near the 50. Huskies stall and have to punt.

Stanford takes over at the 16. Kimble runs it in from along way for a TD.

Stanford 28 Washington 14

This is getting ugly quickly. Kimble has eight carries and 125 yard and two touchdowns. Fouch hits Goodwin deep in Stanford territory. Flag down and a make up call for UW for roughing the passer. fouch is competing some nice passes and UW drives inside the 10. Fouch hits Kearse for the TD.

Stanford 28 Washington 21

Stanford takes over at the 12. They start driving. UW can't stop the run. Stanford at the 50 as the Tree keeps shredding the UW defense. UW makes a good stop.

UW starts on the five after a lucky bounce on a Stanford punt.

Fourth Quarter

UW goes 3 and out.

Locker out with a broken thumb. Ty had to go to the locker room to get some depends. Stanford drives over the 50 behind Kimble. Just a matter of time till the Cardinal put this one away. Stanford drives inside the UW 25. Pritchard is 15-23 which is just ridiculous. Pritchard puts it away with his third TD pass of the night/

Stanford 35 Washington 21

UW goes 3 and out and has to punt. fouch is locking in to receivers right now and that means an interception is coming.

Stanford drives into Husky territory but it gets called back for holding. 7:11 left and UW gets called for 12 men on the field. Stanford is driving deep into UW territory to put it away with 5:12 left. Stanford punts and UW starts over at the five.

4:10 left and Fouch pick up six. Kearse picks up a nice 16 yard pass and is shaken up. What is with locker yucking it up on the sidelines? Gottleib makes a nice grab to drive into Stanford territory. A little pass interfersne in the endzone and UW still has a chance. Fouch hits Aguilar at the goal line. Fouch takes it in for the TD at the goal line.

Stanford 35 Washington 28

UW tries the onside kick but it goes out of bounds and Stanford takes over and takes the knee to put a knife in Willingham's coaching career.