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Recruiting articles summary

What we really have here is a team that is two years away from putting it all together. The last two Willingham classes have given the team a solid base to build on in the future. What is killing Tyrone are his first two classes which are his own fault and the Gilbertson disaster of 2004. We do go back to Neu and sometimes to Lambo in some cases to find where the negative momentum started.

As for Ty, he needed to get these kids to turn it all around in four years and he didn’t get them. The failures of his first two years recruiting could have been turned around by these guys he finished second on.

  • RB Jonathan Stewart (Oregon)
  • LB Anthony Felder (California)
  • OT Steve Schilling (MIchigan)
  • S  Taylor Mays (USC)
  • TE Ed Dickson (Oregon)
  • LB Zach Follett (California)
  • LB Travis Goethel (ASU)

Do you think we would be discussing the need for a new coach if those players had come on board? Hindsight is always 20/20!


Put that one on Neuhesiel, and Gilbertson. Willingham did what he had to do by bringing in Locker, and Fouch. I think the position is headed in the right direction.

Running Back

I put that one on Neuhesiel and Gilbertson too. I really like the young stable that Willingham put together over the last three years. His only big whiff was not signing Jonathan Stewart but am not going to blame him for that. I think the future looks bright.

Wide Receiver

Once again this goes all the way back to Neuheisel for loading up one class with WR's. I think we all agree that Willingham has put together a group that has a lot of potential. I think these kids are going to do some great things.

Tight End

It started with Neu who dropped off the dead end kids here who took up scholarships. Ty has had four years to get this mess straightened out but stuck with the stiffs. Middleton and Izbicki are a good start but UW needs two good ones in 2009 to fill the depth.

Offensive Line

Throw most of this on Gilbertson. It takes 4-5 years to develop a great line and Ty didn't get the numbers he needed the first two years. I think the depth is a lot better and the younger players look promising. The veterans haven't gotten it done yet.

Defensive Line

Put in on Neu and Gilby. It started going South in 2003 under Neu, and playing everyone early in the 2004 class crippled the 2008 season. Ty gets blame for having three straight mediocre classes. The last class onthe other hand may have been the best overall in Washington history. We shall see how they develop.


I blame Chris Tormey. He is the recruiting coordinator and he is the guy picking his players for the most part. He simply hasn't done a good job developing players during his latest stint at UW. we recruit too many sleepers and get beat out for the big time kids. Losing Anthony Felder to Cal in 2005 was a big loss.

Defensive Back

The problem goes all the way back to Jim Lambright. We have lacked depth back here for years but with Jim and in the early days of Neuheisel there was quality. things went downhill in 2003 and have been sliding since. Tyrone went to JC's early and was burned badly. His last two classes have a lot of quality.