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Husky Basketball

Somebody wrote in today and asked if I was going to cover Husky basketball. We are and that coverage will start in earnest around the first of October.

I am pretty excited about this years basketball team. The addition of Fr. Isaiah Thomas is going to change things around  at UW the same way the coming of Nate Robinson did. They are similar players in stature except that Isaiah is a better shooter at this point in his career. What Washington does is add a scorer and tenacious defender to the backcourt. I think this is one of the key ingredient the team has been missing the past two years. So. Venoy Overton and Jr. Justin Dentmon will also be playing guard and there games should be ready to blossom with a back court mate like Thomas.

Sr. Jon Brockman returns for his final season and it will be interesting to see how many points per game he can score this year. I am predicting a fantastic year for him because UW should be so much better out around the perimeter. Jr. Quincy pondexter has been a threat to break out ever since he arrived. Once again better ball handling on the outside is going to loosen up his game. So Joe Wolfinger, So Matthew Bryan Amaning, and Sr Artrem Wallace will all see some time in the post.

A lot of talent moved to the NBA from the Pac Ten last season. Washington is going to benefit from that and I expect an upper division finish and a trip to the NCAA tournament for the Huskies in 2008-2009.