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Pac Ten begins to regroup

The Pac Ten went through one of its tougher weeks in recent years with  the USC win over Ohio State being one of its only bright spots. That win solidified the Trojans as the number one team in the country and they play of its Pac Ten brethern let the country know that the Trojans will likely finish the season unbeaten.

Washington, Oregon State, USC, and California have the week off.

Arizona and UCLA

How does UCLA lose 59-0 to Brigham Young after beating Tennessee to weeks ago? It doesn't make a lot of sense because the Cougars were mediocre and lucky getting by Washington the previous week by a single point. It was the worst UCLA loss since 1929. Nice of Rick Neuheisel to get that out of the way early.

What business does high powered Arizona have losing to New Mexico for a second straight year? The Wildcats cupcake non conference schedule was tailor made for three easy wins. The future was looking better for Mike Stoops and now he is firmly back on the hot seat.

Arizona and UCLA face off this week in battle that determines which of those two teams will begin falling off the earth in death spiral towards the basement of the Pac Ten where UW and WSU reside.

This current UCLA has talent, but injuries and holes at certain positions are taking a toll. Given the history of the players on this team a 59-0 loss may be reason enough to pack it in for the season even with an excellent new coaching staff.

Arizona State and Georgia

Were the Sun Devils looking past UNLV last week? Howe does ASU lose to these guys? This week Erickson and his team have a chance to redema themselves against SEC power Georgia. This one is going to be closer than people think since the Devils have the Bulldogs at home. Georgia also had a rough time getting by South Carolina last week. I like Arizona State's chances in this one even coming off a loss to UNLV.

Georgia is supposedly one of the teams that will challenge Oklahoma and USC at the end of the year. I think this weeks game will quiet such talk.

Boise State and Oregon

Boise has had one of the best football programs in the West over the last five years. too bad they are bringing this years team to Autzen stadium. It doesn't matter who Oregon starts at QB. The offense runs efficiently with Harper or Massoli.

The Ducks should have no problem at home against Boise after the scare last week against Purdue.

Portland State and Washington State

If the Cougars are going to get a win this season this is going to be the one. Coach Wulff has experience playing the Vikings after spending a number of years at Eastern.

San Jose State and Stanford

You can pencil in Stanford if you want but not so fast. Dick Tomey has put together a decent team that is more than capable of knocking off the Cardinal this weekend. The Spartans only loss has been to Nebraska and they were competitive with the Huskers most of the game.