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The Western Power Ratings

I don't think you can get the true flavor of the region anymore by just doing the Pac Ten Power ratings. I think it is far more interesting letting all the other schools West of the Rockies into the poll. The Pac Ten once dominated the entire region With the parity of 85 scholarships their are now top twenty five type teams in all three leagues.

Wins are the most important part of the formula followed by strength of play, conference, and simple head to head competition. Only five teams from the Pac Ten made it in this week. The Mountain West is coming off of one of the biggest weekends in its history, and the WAC contributes a very solid Fresno State squad.

1. USC 2-0....The top rated team in the country shredded Ohio State last week. USC and Oklahoma are the class of the country right now. ( 1 )

2. Oregon 3-0....The Ducks needed a strong second half and an overtime to get by Purdue. This was a good win against a Joe Tiller coached team on the road. (17)

3. Brigham Young 3-0....They did what they had to do in beating Washington. What the 59-0 win over UCLA did was get the attention of the rest of the country. (14)

4. Utah 3-0...Wins over Michigan, and UNLV give the Ute's a solid start. They will challenge BYU for a BCS berth. (20)

5. California 2-1...They didn't wake up until the second half and a furious rally was too little and not enough. Cal had no business losing to Maryland, but it can happen on a long trip with a young team.

6. Fresno State 2-1...The Bulldogs suffered a tough 3 point loss at home to #10 Wisconsin. This is the year that Pat Hill takes the WAC crown from Boise State. (25)

7. Arizona State 2-1....If UNLV plays ASU ten times they win once. Well they are only playing once this year and the Devils may have cost themselves the chance for a BCS bowl.

8. Texas Christian 3-0...They aren't technically West of the Rockies but they are undefeated in the Mountain West Conference. They had no problem with Stanford at home this week.

9. Nevada Las Vegas 2-1...Nobody expected UNLV to upset Arizona State. The Rebels only loss has been to a tough Utah team.

10. Arizona 2-1....A tough loss to New Mexico almost knocks the Wildcats out of the poll. The 2-1 record isn't impressing anyone after this loss and flames begun to ignite around Mike Stoops.