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Dark day so far for Pac Ten?

After the first two weeks I was thinking the Pac Ten was going to be pretty good this year. Midway through today I am losing my focus on not only how good the conference is, but who is actually good in the conference.

The new King of Poop Island

Being Paul Wulff isn't really easy right now. Three games and three progressively stinky perfromances from his team. I was pretty surprised at Baylor's butt kicking of Washington State last night. The nonconference game was moved up a day because of the threat of weather and travel problems connected with Hurricane Ike's pending arrival on the Gulf Coast. The 45-17 loss means the Cougars are likely to spend the entire Pac Ten season in the basement. Washington State has been outscored 150-33 in three games this season!

California bows to Maryland on the road.

I don't think anyone saw this one coming. Cal is trailing Maryland 21-6 late in the second quarter. The Cal defense isn't playing well and the offense hasn't gotten untracked against the Terrapins. California fights back valiantly scoring 21 in the fourth quarter but the Terps go on to win 35-27.

Cal has a lot more talent than these guys and it makes me harken back to the last of 2007 when the Bears fell apart. Today's loss was a major chink in Tedford's armour.

Oregon 32 Purdue 26 in overtime

The Boilermakers are out to 20-6 lead at halftime against the Ducks. This is an upset in the making. You have to think the Duck's will get ot together in the second half or this will be a major upset.

The Ducks close it to 20-13 with two minutes left in the third quarter. The Ducks tie it up 20-20 as fourth quarter starts. Blount ripped off a 72 yarder.

Oregon pull it out on overtime for a 32-26 win. This was a great game.


I don't think anyone expected this after the Bruins handled Tennessee. I wasn't impressed with BYU last week, were any of you? Make no doubt about it this is a statement win for the Cougars and will propel them into a BCS bowl if they win out. They still have some good MWC teams to get by.

Oregon State 38 Hawai'i 7

The Beavers run away from last years Cinderella.

Texas Christian dominates Stanford

I didn't think the Cardinal would win today and the game went pretty much as I thought as TCU powered by them 31-14.

Washington and Oklahoma, USC and Ohio State, Arizona and New Mexico, Arizona State and UNLV are all on tap for later in the day.