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Oklahoma Spanks Washington

I noticed some pushing and shoving between Oklahoma and Washington in the tunnel on the way out to the field. Nice to see some emotion as they come on the field.

Let's hope it is loud because that is going to help!

First Quarter

UW gets the ball first and starts at the 18. UW goes three and out. Ballman kicks it 30 yards and we are not off to good start.

Oklahoma starts off with an 8 yards Demarco Murray run qho follows it with another 6. UW is in trouble early. They can't stop Oklahoma. The Sooners drive down the field on the ground. They haven't even thrown yet. Yikes! Okay they throw but Mesphin Forrester bats it down in the endzone. It is loud in Husky Stadium. Bradford hit Igleslias for the TD.

Oklahoma 7 Washington

Locker tries to stretch the field on the next series. Freeman for zero on an option. This was a very ugly three and out. Ballman shanks one off the side of his foot.

Oklahoma drives down the field once again on the ground. Donald Butler makes a great play behind the line of scrimmage on third and one.

UW starts at the 20 and Locker picks up three and is drilled. Freeman picks up one or two on a pass. Locker hits Goodwin for 16 yards and a first down. Nice little wheel route. Flag on Oklahoma for a late hit. You think the Pac Ten guys would miss that? Oklahoma is much quicker. Locker hits Kearse in the flat for five. Locker overthrows Kearse. UW has to punt and Ballman pins them inside the five.

Oklahoma starts at the three. A couple of broken tackles and two plays and Oklahoma is at the 19. Murray picks up 11. Oklahoma is sticking to the ground because they realize they can wear UW out early with a couple of good drives. Elisara makes a very good tackle. Bradford throws incomplete. UW stops them again.

UW starts at the 20. Freeman rips one for 8. Locker takes it on a draw for the first down and fumbles it. This was a huge game changing error.

Oklahoma takes over at the Husky 48. Chris Brown rips off a 26 yard gain. Looked like illegal precedure. Bradford hits the tight end for the TD. PAT is missed by the Sooners.

Oklahoma 13 Washington 0

Jordan Polk almost takes almost takes the kick return to the house. Polk is brought down from behind and is shaken up. doesn't look good because he cant walk. UW starts at the 47 and Freeman gets zero. Locker hoits freeman for four. Where is Kavario?

Second Quarter

Locker hits Aguilar for a big gainer to the Oklahoma 28. Locker for zip on a keeper. Locker sacked. They aren't rolling him out. Locker hits Aguilar at the 30. Huskies go wide on the FG try. No points and no respect.

Oklahoma takes over at the 30. Bradford hits the TE for a first down. Bradford hits another one for 7. Oklahoma picks up the first down on the ground to the UW 42. Blitz gets to Bradford and he throws incomplete. Bradford throws a strike to Johnson for the first down. Brwon picks up five to the UW 24. Bradford gets away from pressure and Oklahoma is inside the five. Murray takes it to the 1. UW jumps offside and the ball is loose. Looks like UW has possession. That was all Alameda Ta'amu. Bradford take sit in for the TD and the boo's start comeing down from the stands.

Oklahoma 20 - Washington 0

Freeman takes on to the UW 45! Locker is almost picked on the next play. Locker piscks up nothing on a designed run. this may be the first team to play UW straight up and shut down Locker. Locker is sacked but horse collared so the Sooners are penalized for 15. Oklahoma is bringing pressure from different spots. Locker hits Goodwin for a big one but he fumbles and Oklahoma recovers.

Oklahoma takes over at the 21. Brwon picks up 11 on first down. Brown picks up another bundle the next play. Bradford hits a pass out to the Husky 45. UW stps Murray for 5. Brown takes a pass from Bradford underneath for five. Brwon takes it to the Husky 7. Brown down to the five. Illegal shift on Oklahoma. Murray down inside the five. Bradford hits on a fade to Broyles in the endzone, He had two steps on the corner.

Bradford is 12-15 for 127 yards and two TD's. Hate to tell you, but he hasn't broken a sweat yet.

Oklahoma 27 - Washington 0

Less than five minutes left in the first half and Washington has done everything that is the opposite of what they ahd to do to pull the upset.

Two turnovers by the offense while driving for scores.

One missed field goal

Two shanked punts.

UW starts at the 25 after Tripper Johnson returns the kick. UW fumbles again as Locker drops the low Garcia snap.

Oklahoma takes over at the UW 24. UW stops Madu for no gain. Madu picks up one on the outside and brings up 3rd and long. Bradford hit Iglesias for the first down. Madu takes it to the 1. Madu take it in.

Oklahoma 34 Washington 0

Jordan Polk is back in the game and takes the return to the 20. Freeman picks up a tough 4. Locker hits Aguilar for a first down. Locker has the next one bounce off the hand of his receiver. Locker hits Aguilar for another first down. Jake is 10-17 and 107 so far. Locker is buried for a sack. Oklahoma is whistled for encroachment. Oklahoma gets whistled for a personal foul, but UW was offsides so it offsets. Locker takes it to the 35 and is drilled. Locker is down and writhing on the field. I think it is his wind. Fouch is warming up.

Fouch comes in and hits one to the 18. Locker is fine but they are leaving Fouch in the game. UW at the Oklahoma 10. Fouch goes incomplete with 6 seconds left. Fouch had Aguilar in the endzona but it is batted away. U

Signature Willingham they go for a field goal and miss it.

Oklahoma lead UW 330 to 164 in total offense. The three turnovers and two missed FG's stick out like sore thumb.

Third Quarter

Oklahoma starts at the 11 after a penalty. Murray picks up 3. Brdaford to Broyles for a 77 yard TD. How many missed tackles on that tone?

Oklahoma 41 Washington 0

UW starts on 17. UW is on a pace to give up 800 yards! Locker to Logan incomplete. Locker takes a draw for a first down. Freeman for one or two. Jake hits Goodwin for five. Locker takes the option for a first down. Locker to Goodwin for 9. UW is at midfield and a timeout is called. Griffin gets the rag doll at the line of scrimmage. On third and one Locker keeps it on the sneak for the 1st down. Locker to Logan over the middle for 7. Another low snap from Garcia and Locker is sacked. Juan sucks tonight. UW picks up an interference call. Locker to Goodwin for 5. locker to Goodwin for the first down. Locker for five on the ground. locker takes it on a run for a TD!

Oklahoma 41 Washington 7

Oklahoma starts on the 20. Oklahoma gets knocked back 10 on a penalty. They run for a couple. Flanker screen for 16. Bradford hits a Inglesias but he fumbles and Washington seems to recover but it is under review. Oklahoma keeps it at the 32. Iglesias to the 35 on the flanker screen. Bradford hots the TE for 64 yards and a multitude of missed tackles. Washington is gassed.

Oklahoma 48 Washington 7

Johnson takes it out to the 30 on the return. Johnson isn't a bad return man. Fouch is in and hits two in a row. On third and six the ball is batted down. Ballman punts well but UO blocks well and they get a decent return. Sooners start at the 32. Bradford is taken out of the game. Clapp the FB gets 9. UO runs it to the 35.

Fourth Quarter

Madu takes it for 5. Madu takes it for 15. Madu for zero. Madu on the screen to the 5. Madu takes it in for 7.

Oklahoma 55 Washington 7

Freeman picks up 10. Freeman for 5. Fouch is sacked like a rag doll. Fouch to Hawkins for the first down. Yakaboski for 15 on the ground. UO jumps. Oklahoma has 574 yards! Fouch throws incomplete in to traffic. Fouch hits Yakaboski on a rebound tip in the endzone from Alvin Logan. A moral victory on that drive.

Oklahoma 55 Washington 14

Oklahoma starts at the 30 and picks up a couple on 1st down. OU goes 3 and out. UO gets flagged with a late hit. Fouch hits a pass for 8. Yakaboski for a few. Yakaboski picks up the 1st down. they showed a shot aof ty and empty seats. Fouch hits Middleton for a 1st down. Yakaboski takes it to the 25 on the draw. Morgan Rosborough is in the game and doing well. Tipped pass. Fouch picks up 15 on a designed roll out. Yakaboski dropped for a couple. Fouch nearly picked off in the end zone. Fouch sacked like a rag doll. 4th and 25. UW goes for a FG. It goes wide. third missed FG of the night.

Oklahoma starts at the 30 and picks up five. UW gets a rare negative yard play. Oklahoma picks up 19 for a first down. The stadium is prety much empty and only 33 seconds to go.

The 100th victory for Bob Stoops at Oklahoma.