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Can UW upset Oklahoma?

I would really love to predict a Washington victory on Saturday, but no sane person other than Dick Baird is going to step out on that limb this week.

That being said lets take a stab at what it would take for Washingon to upset Oklahoma.

1. If Washington is going to upset Oklahoma tomorrow they are going to need to dominate time of possession and keep the ball out of Oklahoma's hands. To do that they need to run the ball and they haven't done that very well this year. UW needs to think six minute plus drives.

2. When the Oklahoma offense does have the ball the Huskies are going to need to come up with some turnovers to slow the Sooners down. To have a chance to generate turnovers they are going to have to get pressure on QB Sam Bradford. UW is still looking for it's first sack in 2008. If you give Bradford time he is going to pick you apart early and often.

3. Some serious crowd noise when Oklahoma has the ball can negatively affect their no huddle offense. Husky Stadium needs to be loud and intimidating for the team to gain this advantage.

4. UW needs to win the special teams battle this weekend. That means they can't give up any points like they usually do. Ballman needs to punt well to give the Sonners the long field, and Perkins needs to put it through the uprights.

5. Jake needs to connect deep early. He needs to hit Shaw or Kearse for a big play in the first quarter which will keep the Oklahoma defense from cheating forward all day.