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Some More on Mora

A lot of fans on the Dawgman boards are upset at the Seahawks because they are under the incorrect illusion that they wouldn't let Mora off the hook to become head coach at the University of Washington.

My main source who has been correct about this the whole time says that is not the case. He always maintained Mora was not coming and that all the rumors were just that rumors that grew in the telling.

The point is Mora never really was tempted even though he was flattered to the point of distraction. He was pursued but when push came to shove nothing really changed. Mora was set on honoring his word to coach the Seahawks.

What it really came down to is Mora is a man of his word and he didn't feel the Husky job was a better choice for himself or his family over the long term than the Seahawk position.

Mike Leach

Dan Patrick mentioned on his show that Mike Leach is flying back to Seattle for a second round of interviews. If that is the case UW needs to offer him if they think he is the man because Auburn fired Tuberville today and Leach is at the top of their list of prospective coaches.