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Mora Not Coming to UW

I just heard form a very good source that Jim Mora is completely out of the running and that was seconded by Hugh Millen a little while later on KJR. This comes from a very good source close to Scott Woodward that I have shared with you in the past that has always maintained that Mora was staying with the Seahawks and that anything to the contrary was not correct.

I did hear despite that that Woodward continued to pursue Mora and that there was a deadline set for today that he was either going to take the job or stay with the Seahawks. It is now pretty much official and Jim Mora will not be returning to the University of Washington.

As far as Mike Leach goes the interview went OK but reportedly was not a complete home run. Remember the guy is kind of quirkyand it is pretty hard to hide quirky for a couple of days.

No word yet on who UW is zeroing in on at this point and I suppose the interview and deliberation process will continue till Sunday. Expect a new coach to be named this coming Monday but at this point we aren't sure who it will be.

Stay tuned because with Mora out of the picture things are really going to accelerate.