Misery LOVES company!

Now I know how fans of The Yugo felt.

I've spent the whole season asking why the team is so pathetic, saying that it's time for Crennel and Savage to go and tried to invent new ways to say THEY STINK.

I'm all out of complaints. All out of energy.

Today, the Browns, at home, got beat by THE BENGALS.

The Bengals, who are have Harvard educated Ryan Fitzpatrick and "started the season out of football" Cedric Benson as their QB and RB.

Cedric who?

Cedric Benson. The dude that rolled into Cleveland Browns stadium and ROLLED the Browns for 171 yards on the ground.

Thank God Phil Savage got Corey Williams and Shaun Rogers in the offseason. Could you imagine how bad it could have been if the Browns had lost to the worst team in the division at home behind a 150+ yard performance by a guy that wasn't on a roster to begin the season?


Never mind.

Just when you thought the Browns couldn't sink lower, this day comes along. Remember the Christmas Eve game a few years back when the Steelers came in and manhandled the Browns?

In some ways, this is a worse pre-Christmas present.

You can't even beat the lowly Bengals? A team without it's starting RB and QB and a team that wasn't exactly a powerhouse to begin with?

And NO MORE EXCUSES for this franchise about how they've had a lot of injuries and bad breaks this year.

Joe Flacco from Baltimore was supposed to be the 3rd QB learning behind Smith and Boller entering 2008 and he ends up starting on a Ravens squad that is very likely to hit the postseason.

The Browns plain stink.

Why do they stink?

Because they have a bunch of players that are me-first types collecting paychecks instead of trying to lay it out there and win. They have a confused coaching staff that is generally over their heads most, if not every week. They have a GM who is better at dropping F-Bombs via email than creating a good organization.

Last but not least they have an absentee owner who has let this charade go on way too long because he doesn't seem to care.

Other than that, the team is in great shape.

I get really tired of writing these articles. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy being a part of The OBR and having my articles read by the best fans in the world but I'm running out of ways to say that Lerner, Savage, Crennel and many of the players have fallen and they're not getting up.

Well, this season is the straw that broke my back.

I'd have to say, as illogical as this is going to sound, that I was more excited the year before they returned than I am for the 2009 season coming up.

At that point back in 1998 I didn't even have a football team to watch and hadn't had one for 2 years. I knew that 1999 would be bad because the Browns were coming in as an expansion team but I still felt like a kid at Christmas.

Well, flash forward to actualy Christmas 2008 and I'm looking at a team that has treated me (and you) to a decade of futility, bad management and SPIN, SPIN, SPIN.

I don't think I'd believe Lerner and Savage at this point if they told me that rain was wet.


Another year where the Browns are going to compete for the Toilet Bowl.


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