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Lambo for DC?

John McGrath of the The News Tribune poses the annual question of inviting Jim Lambright back to be the defensive coordinator at Washington.

The man most qualified to be the Washington Huskies’ defensive coordinator is not considered a candidate for the job, and with good reason: He hasn’t made a pertinent decision regarding football since Washington fired him as its head coach 10 years ago this week.

Lambright goes down in history as the best DC in Washington history. His defenses while a UW player, GA, LB coach, DC, and head coach were hands down the best in Washington history and at times maybe the best in collegiate history.

It won't happen of course for a few reasons.

  1. Lambright is very happy and fulfilled in retirement.
  2. Lambright has been out of the game for ten years.
  3. Sarkisian isn't acquainted with Lambright.

I love Coach Lambright and he is more involved now in the football program than most people know. He definitely has the ear of Woodward and Emmert. That is a good thing and the ultimate sign of respect for a coach emeritus to have.

I think Lambright is flattered by such talk but in reality I think he is happy where he is.

Notre Dame expectations

We have a couple of Irish fans who populate the boards who are no doubt happy that the Irish finally won a bowl game this season. Hawaii wasn't a great football team this season. They don't compare to last years squad which barely beat Washington to qualify for the Sugar Bowl.

Hawaii was once again a game the Irish should have won. The disparity in talent was obvious to anyone who watched the game.

Even though I dislike Charlie Weis I did feel that he won enough this season to coach again next season. I felt that he had done an excellent job recruiting and deserved another year to see those players grow up and start winning some games they aren't expected to win.

The key to Weis's tenure is that he has won the games he was supposed to win but hasn't won a single game that he wasn't supposed to. In 2009 he has to win nine games to keep his job because Notre Dame has run out of patience. It will be interesting to watch and I will be in South Bend next year hoping that Sarkisian and Locker can put another nail in his coffin.

Oregon coaching change?

Mike Bellotti may be nearing his last football game as Oregon head coach. Chip Kelly may take over as soon as next week which I find surprising. A reorganization of the Oregon staff that Kelly is leading seems to point to that. Simple logic tells us if Bellotti was staying another year or two he wouldn't let his OC reorganize his staff.

Even though Bellotti is the anointed successor at AD he may be more interested in an NFL job that may open up after the first of the year. Stay tuned on this one.