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The special interest journalist

Sometimes in life you unintentionally make enemies without really trying. For UW head coach Lorenzo Romar all it took was taking the Washington coaching job while Mark Few was still coaching over at Gonzaga.

Andy Katz of ESPN is an unabashed Washington and Lorenzo Romar hater while at the same time being a close personal friend and booster of Mark Few and Gonzaga. He wrote this ridiculous drivel this past week about the Pac Ten season so far.

Most disappointing team: Washington. The Huskies returned the core of their team, including potential player of the year Jon Brockman. UW may still wake up and go on a roll in the conference. But Washington whiffed in its two high-profile games in the CBE Classic, losing to Kansas and Florida. That came after starting the season with a road loss at Portland. The Huskies have yet to be impressive. Beating Portland State, the top team in the Big Sky, by one point isn't going to scare any conference opponent.

I found it funny that the day he wrote this piece Gonzaga was pounded at home by the same Portland State team he was so unimpressed about. He also forgets that Washington beat Portland State without Jon Brockman in the lineup. He just happened to be out with an injury so the victory was actually even more impressive for the young Huskies.

If you are a sane and unbiased observer of Washington basketball this season you have probably noticed that the team gets better every game. The key to their improvement is improved play around the perimeter. As Isaiah Thomas grows so will the Huskies post season tournament hopes.

Andy Katz is the kind of journalist who really bugs me because he simply isn't honest. He writes snide remarks about the programs he doesn't like to try to influence recruiting. He doesn't tell it like it is because he has the motivation to tell it like it isn't. I guess you can classify him as a special interest journalist.

Portland State's upset of Gonzaga is just another in a series of validations that Andy Katz doesn't know what he is talking about.