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Huskies dump Cisneros

OL Grant Cisneros from Sumner didn't get the Christmas present he wanted after the new coaching staff at Washington decided to dump him. Cisneros committed to departed coach Chris Tormey so the new staff has decided not honor any of the commitments made after Willingham was fired. It kind of makes sense to start the evaluations over since it wasn't exactly like Willingham was on the top of his game on the way out the door.

There is still chance the Huskies could offer Cisneros after the new staff reviews his film so stay tuned on this one.

AD Scott Woodward had previously said that all commitments would be offered but that isn't likely to happen if the new staff decides they don't want somebody. This is the tough part of the business but necessary if you are trying to rebuild a struggling football program.

Woodward responded with the usual double talk to Bob Condotta of the Seattle Times. A top Husky booster recently told me that every time Woodward opens his mouth he lies. I wouldn't go that far but he seems to be able to back peddle his way out of about anything which you would expect from a guy who is a former political consultant. I like Woodward so far and it isn't exactly like he has an easy job.

I think a lot of people are going to absolutely stunned by Woodwards next public announcement. I can't spill the beans on it but the Husky faithful are going to be just blown away by it. The announcement should cement in the mind of any doubters out there that Scott Woodward and Mark Emmert know what they are doing and have their priorities in the right place.

The bottom line on all this is Washington is now in on some recruits they may like a lot better than the group that Willingham assembled on his way out. I have heard rumors of some big names from California and Hawaii who are now looking at UW. If Sarkisian is able to pick up a couple of these guys it could salvage the recruiting class.

Willingham was never able to recover form his first terrible year of recruiting and Sarkisian isn't about to make that fatal mistake.