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Full speed ahead

Jim Mora remains the front runner this morning to become the next head coach at the University of Washington according to various sources I respect. Despite that the search isn't over and is continuing as Texas Tech coach Mike Leach and his wife are headed into Seattle for an interview today. Obviously if it was a done deal with Mora the athletic department wouldn't be continuing to interview potential candidates.

Brian Kelly who was one of the top candidates this weekend announced that he has dropped out of the running choosing to remain with the Bearcats who announced a stadium expansion plan today in addition to considerable improvements in the overall athletic plant at the University. Those improvements were rumored to be in doubt but according to what I read today they are going forward. Good luck finding that kind of money in Southern Ohio.

Kelly is still a good bet to reconsider and take the Notre Dame job later this week if it comes open. He has let it be known that the BC and ND positions are his dream jobs. There is a pretty good chance that Weis will be fired this weekend according to my sources in South Bend.

1. Jim Mora

There hasn't been a single indication out of Seahawk headquarters that anything has changed regarding the status of Jim Mora. I have a very good source who has insisted all along that Mora was not the guy and everything we have heard has simply been a rumor that has grown with the telling. I don't know what to believe about Mora because I hear so many things coming from so many directions. Obviously where there is smoke there must be fire.

2. Mike Leach

If Leach is truly coming to Seattle, and there are actual witnesses that he is on the plane, it means he wants the job. he wouldn't waste his time if he did not. Leach actually applied the last time the job was open to Todd Turner and was ignored so the interest has always been there. We all know Leach can coach and he can build a program. He also wouldn't have a tough time attracting players such as Jake Heaps, Kasen Williams, and Gino Simone. If you want to make a national splash Leach just may be your man.

3. Mystery Candidate?

According to Hugh Millen there is a mystery candidate that will interview that nobody has really mentioned or thought would still be in the running. That could be anyone from Les Miles, Nick Saban to Cal Poly's Rich Ellerson. Don't laugh but the Cal Poly coach is on the list and may be a pretty good fit. John McGrath of the New Tribune wrote a nice piece on Ellerson a couple of days ago. John must read this blog because this was the only place his name has been mentioned.

4. Kyle Whittingham

Don't count out Whittingham who is one of the hottest coaches in the country right now. We all know his background and he would be a very good fit for the job if hired.

5. Pat Hill

Hill is high on the list but we don't know exactly where he falls behind Mora. If you are looking to make a splash he isn't it despite being an excellent coach. I think the blowout loss he absorbed at the hands of Boise State may have moved him down a notch or three.