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Seto offered the DC job

Steve Sarkisian is in California this weekend helping prepare the USC Trojans for the Rose Bowl. He is expected back in Seattle on Monday. Expect most of the staff to be finalized next week when he gets back.

According to papers in LA Rocky Seto has been offered the DC position at Washington. Most people think that is the only way he will make the move. His potential hiring will finish off the staff on the defensive side of the ball.

Bob Condotta of the Seattle Times reports in his blog tonight that QB Dominique Blackman won't be coming to Washington and that Coach Sarkisian has told him the best thing for him to do is to open his recruiting again.

Blackman didn't make it in last Fall after failing to qualify but according to him he was now qualified and was looking forward to enrolling at UW in January. What it looks like is Sarkisian would rather have that spot open for somebody else in the future.

Blackman was one of the top QB recruits in the West last year until he was suspended at the start of his senior season for a violation of team rules. We have heard some other stories about Blackman that indicate a lack of maturity which most likely helped figure in the decision.